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Assessment is a process for quality improvement and track keeping of constant progress in young children learning, as administrative and academic leaders, have an important role to play in the continuous improvement of their school and therapy organizations.

Sanlie Chinner, is a well known Psychologist with 30 years experience leading the assessment team at the YH Assessment Centre.


We look at how learner performance can be assessed and concludes that this can assist us to understand better why learners fail or master certain subjects, which will help in developing change and improvement in the area of learning.

At the YH Assessment centre, we offer to assess children between the ages of 6 and 16 years in both English and Afrikaans.  Monitoring academic improvement as well as motor development contributes to a whole child approach.  

  • Psycho-Educational Assessment

  • Occupational Therapy Assessment 

  • Speech Therapy Assessment 

  • Kinderkinetics Movement Development Assessment

  • Neurofeedback HEG Screening

  • Career Guidance sessions

  • Support Sessions

  • Parenting Guidance Sessions

  • Social Groups

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