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Learners who require the support of good quality instruction in a small inclusive setting should be enrolled in Wave 1. More targeted intervention in language and Mathematics is offered at Wave 2. Highly personalised intervention such as “pull-out”, scheduled in-class support and assistance with assessment is offered at Wave 3.


Wave 1: High-quality, inclusive teaching supported by whole-school policies and frameworks clearly targeted to address barriers to learning such as anxiety, trauma, systemic failure, ADD, ADHD or the need to be schooled within a smaller, more supportive environment.


Wave 2: Additional, time-limited intervention programmes designed to accelerate learning for particular groups that are expected to catch up or exceed the performance of their peers as a result.


Wave 3: Targeted, time-limited, evidence based and increasingly individualised programmes of intervention (The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted), 2009: 7).


The Waves of Intervention model describes how different levels of intervention can be understood and systematically implemented. 

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