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POPS (Perceptual Operating Private School) operates independently offering the CAPS (mainstream) curriculum to the needs of children facing barriers to learning, as well as emotional and social barriers that makes attending bigger schools a challenge. An on-site learning centre is available to learners who will benefit from a vocational curriculum and a more practical approach.


Our team of multi-disciplinary educators and therapists work together closely to create support and intervention solutions for learners who do not reach their full potential within mainstream schools. The mainstream system of education may not deliver the support some learners require. Our therapy and educative environment emulates the structure and discipline learners require to flourish, but within a context which develops the whole child and supports strengths to overcome challenges.

We believe in a stable, social environment where learners can interact with friends, experience acceptance and build character. Building a happy, confident child creates the platform from where we can nurture our learners and assist them as best, we can, to overcome challenges. We believe in honestly connecting with parents, sharing our observations and insights and assisting parents to make compassionate decisions around the education and therapy support of their child whether within our organisation or alternate contexts.

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