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Easter Weekend Activities for the Family

By Megan Bruwer

The best way to spend Easter is to spend time with family. But what is an activity that everyone can participate in? The answer is simple.


Baking is a skill that every child should learn.

The benefits of baking not only include the consumption of yummy treats, but it also teaches children how to practically apply mathematical and language skills.

However, baking can seem like a daunting task for a child. How do I teach my child to work with the oven that only works best at a certain temperature (because not all ovens were created equal)? How do I ensure my child knows to use oven gloves?

The answer lies in a recipe that does not require any use of an oven.

Enter, the No-bake Brownies.

This recipe is an easy feat to tackle the basics of baking.

20 years in the making, I still use this recipe when I need to whip up a quick solution to that sweet tooth craving.

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