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A kind word goes a long way in a tiny heart.

Let's talk education, development and everything kids.

Inspire, positive attitude, be kind.

It’s a new year and a new season in everyone’s lives post-Covid in European countries. People walk into new surroundings, new careers, new challenges. Learners move on to new grades, new schools, new friends. In the beginning of a season change, people get sick, moody and a little restless. Not everyone likes change, or should I say, no one likes change, but some people do love adventures.

Being a teacher must be one of the hardest careers I’ve come across. That’s probably why they should have four holidays in a year. In my opinion, not even four holidays are enough to recharge for what you have to cope with everyday. I’m not talking about disrespectful learners, or loud noises. Think about it. They don’t run companies worth billions or fight them into or out of jail. They don’t make life changing decisions. Or do they?

They can change decisions a child takes in life.

Teachers guide learner from their first day of school. Hopefully in the right direction. In a direction to find their own strength, recognize their own weaknesses and figure out who they want to be someday. Which company they want to represent. What they stand for. What they believe in. What’s important to them and when to draw a line and turn the page. Start clean.

All you need to survive a barrier, is for someone to believe in you.

Someone who sees your potential and point it out to you when you can't recognise it yourself. Someone who knows that no matter what, failure will be your motivation. When you cannot believe in yourself, someone who made a comment 10 years ago can be the reason you remember that moment, and be reminded of the good, the great in you. The part of you that impressed someone else so much that they mentioned it to you. That’s what kind of impact your words and guidance can carry throughout life. This is in the hands of teachers. Their words will carry on guiding for eternity. The brain choose to remember positive character inspiring words.

A kind word.

I would say that a teacher that understands something about teaching, will believe in each learner, find goodness in each individual, show them their strength and make sure they believe it too.

Be inspired to inspire others. A kind word goes a long way in a tiny heart.

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